RACL Language and Activity Classes Continue this Week on 04/22/2023; Summer Camp Registration Early Bird Due Date 4/30/2023


本周六 (4月22日)是春季语言班第十二周, 课外活动班第十一周,正常上课。

This Saturday (04/22/23) is the 12th time of language classes and the 11th time of activity classes.  


This Saturday, L2B parents are on duty of traffic safety. All relevant parents please support!

我校2023暑期夏令营继续开放注册,我们将为全天营的学生每天提供免费的精美午餐。 4月30日之前注册将享受早鸟优惠价,本校学生也享受优惠价。 请大家参考PDF附件或访问网页 http://www.racl.org/racl-summer-campsenglish在线注册并获取所有营房的时间和收费信息。如有问题, 请发email至 registration@racl.org。未加入我校夏令营微信群的请扫描加入下面的微信群二维码。

RACL 2023 summer camp continues to open for registration, and we will provide free delicious lunches for all-day camp students every day. Those who register before April 30 will enjoy the early bird discount price, and the students of our school will also enjoy the discount price. Please refer to the attached PDF or visit the web page http://www.racl.org/racl-summer-campsenglish to register online and get information on the hours and fees of all camps. For questions, please email registration@racl.org. If you have not joined our school’s summer camp WeChat group, please scan the QR code below to join the WeChat group.

周六 (4月22日) 上午9点半在我校1214教室举办一场大学招生相关的讲座《前杜克大学招生官对精英大学录取策略和人文学科作用的见解》,内容包括如何在大学申请中体现深度思考和投入;如何通过真实的学生案例研究建立强大的档案;如何在大学准备过程中为您提供支持等。 讲座以英文方式,由Elite Path Int’l Education Consulting LLC 董事总经理 Will Dixson 主讲。欢迎大家前去参加!

This Saturday (April 22) at 9:30 am in our school’s classroom 1214, we will hold a seminar on university admissions, “Former Duke University Admissions Officer’s Insights on the Admission Strategies of Elite Universities and the Role of Humanities.” The topics include deep thought and commitment in college applications; how to build a strong portfolio with real student case studies; how to support you in your college preparations; and more. The seminar will be in English and will be presented by Mr. Will Dixson, Managing Director of Elite Path Int’l Education Consulting LLC. Everyone is welcome to attend!


Last Saturday (04/15/23), Counselor Zhou Hong from the Chinese Embassy in the United States visited our school and discussed many educational and academic topics. He left a deep impression on the teachers and students of our school. Thanks to all the teachers, students, parents and volunteers who participated in the interviews. We also successfully held the CAFA Taste of China festival last Saturday, and the both Food and Exhibition booths of our school achieved more than expected results. Thank you to the parents and friends who came, as well as to all the volunteers for their help and the generosity of the restaurateurs.

RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。

RACL belongs to all parents and children. Thank you for your support! image.png


Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2022-2023 Principal

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