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CSL Class (Chinese as a Second Language)

The CSL classes in Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language are designed for non-Chinese heritage children who wish to learn Chinese. The goal of this course is to stimulate student’s interest and ability to communicate in Chinese and develop a greater understanding of the richness of the Chinese language and culture.

CSL currently has 4 levels. Each level consists of 10 units to ensure that students can well master the characters, phrases and sentence structures that have been taught in the class.

In our CSL classes students learn the language via a variety of activities such as songs, games, story-telling and role play. Basic linguistic information is repeated throughout the course to improve student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Chinese.

Written Chinese characters are taught according to the order of the strokes and components in Chinese characters, Chinese characters are introduced in order of increasing difficulty – from easier one-stroke characters to more complex ones. The basic strokes and rules are introduced in the first level.  Each level builds on the characters, phrases and sentences patterns learned in the preceding levels. By the time learners reach the last level of the course, they are expected to be able to communicate in some way in Chinese on the basis of some 300-400 words and expressions.

Chinese Pinyin is also taught in these classes to enhance student’s abilities in learning Chinese language.


洛丽汉语学校第二语言中文班共分4级,完成300-400个生字, 500个词语,150个基本句子的学习。