RACL is a volunteer based non-profit organization. In order to provide a safe, quiet, orderly school, RACL’s weekly operation requires mandatory volunteer help from every parent. Starting fall 2014, all RACL families are required to participate in school and classroom assignment. To make sure we follow our lease agreement with Raleigh Charter High School, RACL PTA has the following rule and procedures for our parents:

  1. All vehicles must follow directions from school safety team, enter school from designated entrance, park at designated parking lot. Parents must accompany their kids to the classroom, and not leave until teacher arrives. Teacher and on-duty parent must not leave students alone in the classrooms at any time. Parents must pick up their kids on time, 11am for language class and 12pm for activity class. Teacher and on-duty parent must be the last to leave.
  2. Parents (and friends, grandparents, etc.) should not stay at the hallway when classes are in session. Parents should not enter areas that not open to RACL.
  3. Parents, students and teachers should all strictly follow Raleigh Charter High School rules, protect its property, report and repay any damages. RACL reserves rights to fine and expel any false fire alarms.
  4. Drugs, weapons, ammunitions, and any other school-prohibited materials are not allowed in school. Violators will be reported to police and expelled from school. Materials brought in for activity classes must be properly handled to avoid hurting anyone.
  5. At registration all families are required to sign up for volunteer service as “Parent-on-Duty” for their children’s class. Families with more than one child are responsible for each one of their children’s class. The number of weeks on duty is determined by the class sizes. Room parent will set up the schedule and let every parent know in advance before every Saturdays. Parent-on-Duty Policy applies to both language classes and activity classes.
  6. Parents who cannot carry out the “parent-on-duty” tasks can take the option of paying $30 fee per duty day or a $60 fee per semester at registration. Failing to show up for parent-on-duty will incur a $30 fine. The fee or fine should be submitted to room parent, otherwise will be collected during next semester’s registration.
  7. Parent-on-Duty tasks include:
    1. Arrive by 8:50AM for language class. Activity class on-duty parent needs to arrive by 10:40AM.
    2. Help with classroom setting (arrange tables and chairs before class begins). Help teachers with teaching materials (e.g. making copies of homework and etc.).
    3. Monitor and advise students to not move RCHS teacher’s books, documents and teaching materials. If moved, must help return them to original set up
    4. Help teacher evacuate during emergencies such as fire or gas leak. When calling 911 please report RCHS address (1307 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27605) and floor, stay on the line until 911 responder hangs up
    5. At the end of class, help the teacher clean up, return tables and chairs to their original places.
    6. Stay with the class at all times unless going out to copy room or acknowledged by the teacher
  8. Parents are encouraged to communicate with their children’s teachers on kids’ performance. Help remind their kids to follow all school and classroom rules, finish homework on time.
  9. Room parent or parent representatives are responsible to schedule and remind the on-duty parents prior to their duty date. They should also arrange additional parents on duty during exams or other class/school activities. Parents are required to follow the assignment from Parent Representatives or room parent. RACL needs help from every parent. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact PTA via email at pta@racl.org
  10. Parents agree to provide the most recent contact information for RACL to communicate with parents.
  11. RACL, teachers and room parents will try the very best to provide a safe environment for all students. However, RACL is not responsible for any accidents occurred in RACL/RCHS. Parents agree to waive any legal liabilities from RACL.

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