The goal of the RACL Cross Country Club is to provide members with a group setting that encourages safe and progressive running exercises. No previous experience is required. Junior members will be divided into groups based on their paces and endurances. For inexperienced runners, the initial goal is to finish 5K. For intermediate and advanced runners, half marathon and marathon races could be the goal. Please contact the coaches to register.

Previous Events


  • Zhi Zhang –
  • Minhan Chen
  • Yubo Fan –

Junior team members

  • Dennis Chen
  • Judy Chen
  • Nathan Fan
  • Scott Jia
  • Alex Liu
  • Jerry Wen
  • Samuel Wen
  • Jerry Yu
  • Adrian Zhang
  • Angelina Zhang
  • Nora Zhao

Adult team members

  • Minhan Chen
  • Yubo Fan
  • Fenglan He
  • Eric Li
  • Ying Liu
  • Jianwei Lu
  • Bing Tian
  • Ying Wen
  • Baohong Wan
  • Beigeng Yu
  • Lisa Yuan
  • Zhi Zhang