Founded in 1995, the Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language (RACL) is a nonprofit, non-political, 501(c)(3) educational institution. Its objectives include promoting Chinese language, teaching Chinese and Oriental history and culture, and enhancing the understanding and friendship among various background people in our community in the Triangle area of North Carolina. RACL strives to reach its goal by conducting school year-long Saturday classes, sponsoring Chinese culture oriented activities, and playing an active and contributing role in our community.

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洛丽汉语学校 2024 选举 / RACL Election 2024

亲爱的  RACL  大家庭, 又到洛丽汉语学校( RACL )一年一度的选举时间。 我们需要按照学校章程选出我们新的校长, 副校长, 家长会主席 ,  和三位董事会成员(两年任期)。 请大家踊跃提名你心目中最喜欢的人选,递交到 .  我们由衷地希望这些即将当选的家长,带着他们的热情和奉献精神, 把我们的学校管理得更上一层楼! 提名截止时间: 4  月  2 6  日  11 : 59  PM 届时我们将会把各位提名人选的竞选纲领提供给大家。 今年我们将采用学校现场和网络相结合的投票方式。 5  月  4  日 周六网络及现场投票开放,课后网络投票延续至  5  月  11  日  11 : 59PM . 我们希望看到所有的家长都来踊跃投票, 这是大家的学校。 为了您的孩子,我们希望能听到您的声音,看到您的参与 ! 李术军,王玺, 李文治 RACL 2024  年度选举委员会 Dear RACL members/parents, RACL School Board has proposed to have General Election from  0 5 / 04 /202 4 to 05/11/2024 . This year election will be conducted onsite & online. The Election Committee consists of three members: Shujun Li, Xi Wang, and Wenzhi Li The committee now…

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