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Founded in 1995, the Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language (RACL) is a nonprofit, non-political, 501(c)(3) educational institution. Its objectives include promoting Chinese language, teaching Chinese and Oriental history and culture, and enhancing the understanding and friendship among various background people in our community in the Triangle area of North Carolina. RACL strives to reach its goal by conducting school year-long Saturday classes, sponsoring Chinese culture oriented activities, and playing an active and contributing role in our community. Currently there are approximately 500 students enrolled at RACL.

RACL’s classes are conducted regularly at the facility of Apex Middle School from 9:15AM to 1:00PM on Saturdays. RACL offers approximately 35 Chinese language classes tailored to meet the needs of various backgrounds and leveled students in our community. In its language instruction, RACL has adopted the simplified Chinese characters and the “Pinyin” pronunciation system, which are the standard for the billions of Chinese speakers in Mainland China, Southeastern Asia, and many other parts of the world. RACL offers more than 20 sessions of culture and activity classes to enhance students’ learning experiences. Generally, language classes are conducted from 9:15 to 11:00AM, followed by activity sessions from 11:10AM to 1:00PM. Activity classes consist of dancing, drawing, Fun Math, Math SAT, English Writing, Chinese Kung-Fu (Wu-Shu), girls volleyball, soccer, and chess, among others.

RACL also offers Chinese as a Second Language classes to both adult and young students.

We welcome all returning students, new students who have recently reached the age of 4, and those students who have recently moved into the Triangle area.

RACL’s school calendar follows the traditional calendar of the Wake County Public School System.

School Address: Apex Middle School, 400 E Moore St, Apex, NC 27502

School Mailing Address: Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language, PO Box 50375, Raleigh, NC 27650-6375

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