Founded in 1995, the Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language (RACL) is a nonprofit, non-political, 501(c)(3) educational institution. Its objectives include promoting Chinese language, teaching Chinese and Oriental history and culture, and enhancing the understanding and friendship among various background people in our community in the Triangle area of North Carolina. RACL strives to reach its goal by conducting school year-long Saturday classes, sponsoring Chinese culture oriented activities, and playing an active and contributing role in our community.

Latest News and Announcements

RACL Final Week on 05/20/2023; 2023 RACL Election; Forum on NC Legislature; Summer Camp and Fall Semester Registrations

各位家长,学生,老师和志愿者们: 本周六 (5月20日)是春季语言班第十六周, 本学期最后一次上课。 课外活动课已经结束,但是之前有缺课的趣味数学, SAT数学, 素描, 国际象棋 和 Zumba 各课程将在5月20日补课一次。 This Saturday (05/20/2023) is the ixteenth and last week of the spring language classes. There is no activity class except that Fun Math, SAT math, Sketching, Chess, and Zumba will make up one missed class on 05/20/2013. 本周六由L9A家长交通值日,希望家长们多多支持! This Saturday, L9A parents are on duty of traffic safety. All relevant parents…

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RACL Language Class Final Exam and Last Activity Classes this Week on 05/13/2023; Seminar on Healthcare; Both Camping and Summer Camp Registrations Open

各位家长,学生,老师和志愿者们: 本周六 (5月13日)是春季语言班第十五周, 期末考试日。请同学们准时到达教室参加考试!期末补考定于:5月14日下午2pm 在Eva regional library(Address:2100 Shepherds Vineyard Dr, Apex, NC 27502 );如有学生周末出城不能参加周末考试和补考,则定周四5月18日晚上zoom补考。 This Saturday (05/13/2023) is the fifteenth week of the spring language classes, also the final exam day. Please come to the classroom on time to take the exam! The final make-up exam is scheduled for: 2pm on 05/14/2023 at the Eva regional library (Address: 2100 Shepherds Vineyard Dr, Apex,…

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RACL Language and Activity Classes Continue this Week on 05/06/2023; Camping Registration Open; Summer Camp Registration Early Bird Ends 05/07/2023

各位家长,学生,老师和志愿者们: 本周六 (5月6日)是春季语言班第十四周, 课外活动班第十三周上课。本周六语言班进行期末复习,下周六 (5月13日)语言班进行期末考试。  This Saturday (05/06/23) is the 14th time of language classes and the 13th time of activity classes. This Saturday the language classes will have a final review, and the Next Saturday (05/06/2023) the language classes will have a final exam.   本周六由L6B家长交通值日,希望家长们多多支持! This Saturday, L6B parents are on duty of traffic safety. All relevant parents please support!…

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