Founded in 1995, the Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language (RACL) is a nonprofit, non-political, 501(c)(3) educational institution. Its objectives include promoting Chinese language, teaching Chinese and Oriental history and culture, and enhancing the understanding and friendship among various background people in our community in the Triangle area of North Carolina. RACL strives to reach its goal by conducting school year-long Saturday classes, sponsoring Chinese culture oriented activities, and playing an active and contributing role in our community.

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RACL 2024 Election Results

大家好 /Dear RACL families, 谢谢大家参加今年的选举!我们选出了一位校长,一位副校长,一位家长会主 席和三位董事。 Thank you for your participation in 2024 RACL election. Principal, Vice  principal, PTA Chairperson and three general Board Members are elected. 2024-2025 校长/ Principal: 李妙正 (Katie Li) 2024-2025 副校长/Vice Principal: 高 健 (Jian Gao) 2024-2025 家长会主席 /PTA Chairman: 支新军 (Xinjun Zhi) 2024-2025 (2-year term) Board Member /董事: 郭 放 (Fang Guo) 2024-2025 (2-year term) Board Member /董事: 唐春玲 (Chunling Tang) 2024-2025 (2-year term) Board Member /董事: 李淑静 (Shujing Li) 感谢所有的参选人为我们学校所做的无私奉献!也希望他们会一如既往地为我 们学校发展继续奉献自己的才智!同时在这里我们也要感谢2023-2024 校长 郭放和学校管理执行团队在去年的一年中为学校所做的大量工作。也感谢即将 离任的董事们对学校建设和营运作出的贡献! Thank all candidates for…

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