RACL Carpool Policy (@Apex Middle School, 400 E Moore St, Apex, NC 27502)

  • If you are a teacher, please come in earlier and park at 1 – 3. This parking lot is reserved for Teachers
  • If parents want to drop off your child, please follow the red ONE WAY carpool line. Right enter and right exit only during carpool. Pull all the way to Position 3 for drop-off.
  • If parents want to park your car and walk your child to classroom, please come in early and use the yellow bus loop. Drop-off at the bus loop is not allowed for safety concern. Please use the entrance on the S Mason St. The entrance on Highway 55 is closed during carpool to minimize the disruption of traffic on Highway 55.
  • Parking space available along the carpool line on S. Mason St. and on E. Moore St. If you choose to park here, we ask you not to exit or enter or move your vehicle during carpool, 9:05-9:25 and 11:00-11:15. This is critical for your own safety and safety of others, as well as the free flow of carpool traffic.
  • The school is located in the midst of neighborhood. Please respect the residents and make sure your car does not block the driveway, the passage of emergency vehicles, the access of fire hydrant, or sight distance.