Transcript Requesting Guide

Transcript should be requested by student who is in high school and to claim foreign language study credit. It is not necessary for younger student to obtain the transcript because there is no foreign language requirement to graduate from middle school and elementary school. Please keep in mind: it is up to your school and student counselor to determine if the credit can be granted to the student so please contact your student counselor before requesting transcript and follow up after request is processed.

Transcript can only be mailed to the school directly. Student will receive notification by email once transcript is processed and mailed.

Qualification for requesting transcript

You have to meet all following conditions in order to be qualified to obtain RACL transcript:

  1. You are or were a RACL student and in RACL database system.
  2. You have at least four completed years of study from grade 5 and above with RACL.
  3. You have completed at least 8th grade level of Chinese study at RACL.
  4. You have passed the AAPPL Chinese test which is required by Wake County Public School

↑(To take the AAPPL Chinese test, please refer to Transfer Credit (Take AAPPL Test))

Student guide to request a transcript

Though you could submit transcript request any time during the year, it is highly recommended to submit the request in the beginning of spring and fall semesters. That is the time when the request is actively monitored by the RACL registrar.

Before requesting a transcript, you must complete following:

  1. You must meet the minimum requirement to be eligible to request RACL transcript.
  2. You need online access to RACL database online with family login ID. If you do not have login ID and/or password, please contact RACL Principal ( for assistance.
  3. Login to family account: with your family email and password.
  4. In family address: make sure your home address and home phone number are up to date.
  5. In Family members: make sure your student information is up to date. Student legal name, NC student ID, and birth date should match with the information currently NC student database.
  6. Please check with your student school counselor if you do not know your student ID.
  7. If the student is in Wake county public schools, you can find out your student ID via
  8. Double check your class history. Please contact RACL Principal (email: and your teacher if there is an evidence of error.

To request a transcript:

  1. Login to family account at with your family email and password.
  2. Click on “Requesting transcript” and choose the student you would like to request a transcript.
  3. Providing the school information for transcript to be sent to: name, address, phone number and fax number
  4. Submit

After request:

You will be contacted for additional information once RACL registrar receives your request. Make sure check your family email frequently. The additional inquiry can be:

  1. Name of the Dean of Student Services
  2. Name of your counselor at your high school
  3. Payment.

Once you receive the notification from RACL registrar about completion of your request, it is very important to follow up with your student counselor about your request for high school foreign language study credit.

RACL registrar guide to prepare transcript

  1. Monitor transcript activity regularly in January and September each year.
  2. Monitor your email account and answer parents’ questions accordingly.
  3. Check student records for the length of Chinese study requirement.
  4. After generate a transcript file, double check each score in the transcript to compare with grade in student record to prevent system error.
  5. Contact student for the name of counselor at school. Prepare envelope for the transcript with RACL address and designated school counselor and school address.
  6. Contact student for the payment.
  7. Inform teachers about transcript request made by his/her student if there is any update.
  8. Finalize transcript, print out.
  9. Inform all involved teachers, Principal as well as academic director to prepare for final sign-off.
  10. On the end of last day of spring semester at RACL, both teachers and Principal will sign off student transcripts.
  11. Record each copy of each signed transcript.
  12. Seal the transcript mail with registrar signature cross envelop seam and mail to designated school.
  13. Email notification to requested student as receipt with follow-up instruction.
  14. Mark each request as complete in RACL database.

RACL teacher guide to prepare transcript

  1. Provide guidance and advice to students and parents about RACL transcript service and requirement early on.
  2. Keep in touch with RACL registrar in May about transcript request status.
  3. Grade final exams of those students who request transcripts first; provide result within 3 days after spring final exam.
  4. Be prepared to stay longer after final day of spring semester and sign-off transcript prepared by RACL registrar.

Format of RACL transcript

RACL transcript contains seven sections of information:

  1. Our School name, address and website.
  2. Student information such as name, gender, birth data, NC student ID, home address, student email and home phone number.
  3. Requesting school information such as school name, address, phone and fax number.
  4. RACL Chinese study grades. Each year of study contains 5 scores, fall mid-term exam, fall final exam, spring mid-term exam, spring final exam, and Final grade. First 4 scores are what you see from family account. The Final grade is the average of each semester’s grade.
  5. Teacher name, signature and date; Principal name, signature and date.
  6. Our grade scales: A: 90-100; B: 80-89; C: 70-79; D: 60-69; F: <60