Returning students please complete the registration online at your RACL account (, following the Class Registration Instructions. If you forgot your family account password, you can reset it from the login page. If you still have a problem, please contact us at

New students are required to take a test for class assignment except for new kindergarteners and pre-kindergarteners. An original birth certificate or a public school admission letter is required to prove age for new pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. New students need to fill out the registration form.

Our classes are conducted regularly at the facility of Apex Middle School from 9:15AM to 1:00PM on Saturdays. This year, we will offer approximately forty Chinese language classes and thirty culture and activity classes. We welcome all returning students, new students who have recently reached the age of 4, and those students who have recently moved to the Triangle area.

In our language instruction, we have adopted the simplified Chinese characters and the “Pinyin” pronunciation system. To meet the needs of various backgrounds and leveled students in our community, we offer three different tracks of Chinese language classes: Zhong-Wen (traditional pinyin-based textbooks), CSL-child (Chinese as Second Language for Children), and CSL-Adult (Chinese as Second Language for Adults). Our culture and activity classes are designed to enhance students’ broad learning experiences in Dancing, Drawing, Fun Math, SAT, Ping-Pong, and chess, among others.