RACL Language and Activity Classes Continue this Week on 03/04/2023; Free Drama Class; Visa Services


本周六 (3月4日)是春季语言班第六周, 课外活动班第五周上课。各语言班将进行期中考试复习,下周六(3月11日)将进行期中考试。

This Saturday (03/04/23) is the 6th time of language classes and 5th time of activity classes. Each language class will conduct a mid-term exam review, and the mid-term exam will be conducted next Saturday (03/11/23). 


This Saturday, L6A parents are on duty of traffic safety. All relevant parents please support!

本周六(3月4日) 我校邀请“充满空间(Fill the Space)” 举办一场公益戏剧体验课,无需基础,完全免费!本课程由范伊立老师专程从南卡赶来为大家授课并执导。范老师毕业于中央戏剧学院电影系本科,表演系研究生,曾任中央美术学院电影系讲师,现任南卡州东点学院(中英文双语公立学校)戏剧教师,南卡州“艺术在基础学科教育”(Arts in Basic Curriculum Project) 创意教育学院导师。 本课程由家长和孩子们亲自体验,挖掘即席表演天赋,更能锻炼与人沟通的潜能。这是一次非常难得的锻炼机会,目前儿童班已满, 成人班和青少年班还有少许名额, 希望大家抓住最后的机会报名!报名链接:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScgnIZoX7gH2Vdq7CKhOX0TBca4xl4H-7YzCAYIA0jRFvXcrw/viewform?usp=pp_url

第一场:成人班(中文) 时间:3月4日上午9:30-10:30
第二场:青少年班6-12年级(中英文) 时间:3月4日上午11:10-11:55
第三场:儿童班3-6年级(中英文) 时间: 3月4日下午12:10-12:50  (已满)
活动地址: 1208教室

This Saturday (03/04/23), our school invited “Fill The Space” to host a public welfare drama experience class. It does not require any prior-experience, and it is completely free! This course will be taught and directed by Teacher Fan Yili from South Carolina. Teacher Fan graduated from the Department of Film Department of the Central Academy of Drama, a graduate student of the Department of Performance, and has served as a teacher at the Department of Film Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. This course is personally experienced by parents and children, digging the talent of the performance, and can exercise the potential of communication with others. This is a great opportunity to practice drama. At present, the children’s class is full. There are still a few places in adults and teenager classes. I hope everyone capture the last opportunately to register! Here is the registration link: https://docs.google.com/Forms/d/e/1faipqlscGniz7GH2VDQ7CKHOX0TBCA4H-7yzcayia0JRFVXCRW/viewForm? USP = pp_urllllll
The first: Adult class (Chinese) Time: March 4th 9: 30-10: 30am
Two: Grade 6-12 of the Youth Class (Chinese and English) Time: March 4th 11: 10-11: 55am
Third game: Children’s Class 3-6 (Chinese and English) Time: March 4th 12: 10-12: 50pm (full)
Activity address: 1208 classroom

华联签证认证服务本周六将在我校再次进行,教室1210, 时间上午9:15-11:30

CAFA Visa services will be provided again this Saturday in Room 1210, from 9:15am to 11:30am.    

RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。

RACL belongs to all parents and children. Thank you for your support! 

Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2022-2023 Principal

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