Dear RACL families,

洛丽汉语学校建校二十周年庆祝会暨2016新年睌会免费入场/Free entrance. 

RACL 20th Anniversary Celebration & 2016 Spring Festival Performance
日期/Date: 2/6/16 周六/Sat, 7:00pm
地点/Location: Cary Arts Center (CAC), 101 Dry Ave, Cary, NC 27511 5:00-6:30pm 排练/rehearsal,
6:30pm-7:00pm 入场/Gates open,
700pm: 庆祝活动及表演开始/Celebration & Performance starts
1000pm: 全部活动结束, CAC 关门/Celebration ends, everyone exits from Cary Arts Center.

排练期间我们将为演员们提供食物,水等/We will provide food like pizza, water, etc for rehearsal performers。免费入场/Free entrance.门口领票,先来先得。Please pick up ticket in front of door. Ticket distribution is first come first service.每张票上没有印座号,原则上可以任意选位置坐,但我们会保留有VIP, 演员,工作人员等区域。 届时(5:00pm以后) 请到现场根据我们的分配记录领取门票。There is no seat number printed on the ticket.  You can choose your own seats but we will have sections reserved for VIP, performers, volunteers.

Xin Fang/方馨,
2015-2016 Principal

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