To our parents: Some traffic issue and parking issue on Saturday

Dear RACL parents, teachers and staffs,

We received an email from Raleigh Charter High School related to the traffic issue and parking issue on Saturday. Please take a time to read it.

Keeping safety and maintaining good relationship with RCHS and our community is the most important task to RACL.  We hope all of our RACL families will follow the traffic sign and traffic speed limit when you drop off and pick up your kids. Please plan to arrive school earlier to avoid speeding. Please respect and follow the order of our safety team when they direct the traffic. Thank you!

Here is the copy:

“We received an e-mail from a neighbor regarding traffic and parking related to RCHS and RACL.  I’m including the section relating to RACL below.  We’re taking steps to address their concerns with our community and ask that you do the same. 

I want to make a special comment about the chinese language school that uses your building on Saturday mornings.  I realize RCHS has no real connection with the chinese school, but the neighbors don’t know that.  Saturday traffic is different in that these parents mostly drop off and pick up later.  But there is a big problem with speeding and ignoring stop signs.  It seems many are in a hurry or running late and consider Washington Street a racetrack.  I’ve learned not to walk my dog between8:30 and 9:30 on Sat mornings to avoid getting run over.  I know from conversations with my neighbors, that they lump the Saturday traffic together with the school traffic.

In addition, the city just finished a speed study on Washington Street.  We have not received the results; but, we suspect that they will reveal issues during the week and on Saturdays. 

I cannot overemphasize the importance.  We need to address the issues quickly as we don’t want to further damage our relationship with our neighbors or lose parking or traffic privileges.”



Xin Fang/方馨,
2015-2016 Principal

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