Introducing RACL Free Pre-K Chinese and Open Sesame Classes


给大家通报一个好消息: 我们洛丽汉语学校在2022-2023新学年将免费开放Pre-K中文班给大家, 用以鼓励5岁以下的小孩子们从小学习中文。Pre-K中文班将由幼儿教育经验丰富的王静老师来授课。欢迎大家把4至5岁的小孩子送来我校接受免费中文教育,也欢迎大家互相转告!

另外,上个学年,我们开放了免费的公益课芝麻开门(Open Sesame), 收到了不少好评,许多家长和孩子们都受益匪浅。 在即将来临的新学年,我们将继续为大家开放免费的芝麻开门公益课程。这门课程适合各年级学生,按8岁为界限,分成大小两个班, 分别由我校优秀老师李淑静和王兆君老师执教。希望大家继续抓住这个机会,既可以帮助孩子们培养良好的生活和学习等习惯, 又可以帮助他们补习中文和英文。


Hello Everyone!

Good news for everyone: Our Chinese School will open the Pre-K Chinese class for free in the new school year of 2022-2023 to encourage children under the age of 5 to learn Chinese from an early age. The Pre-K Chinese class will be taught by teacher Jing Wang, who is experienced in early childhood education. Everyone is welcome to send children aged 4 to 5 to our school for free Chinese education, and everyone is welcome to tell each other!

In addition, last school year, we opened Open Sesame, a free public welfare class for all grades, which has received a lot of praise, and many parents and children have benefited a lot. In the coming new school year, we will continue to offer free Open Sesame courses for everyone. This course is suitable for students of all grades. According to the age of 8, it is divided into two classes, big and small. They are taught by our outstanding teachers  Shujing Li and Zhaojun Wang. I hope you will continue to seize this opportunity to not only help children develop good living and study habits, but also help them learn Chinese and English.

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Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2021-2022 Principal

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