RACL Principal Newsletter 8/14/2021


中文学校将于本周六(8/14)上午10点至下午1点, 在Apex Middle前门停车场分发2021秋季语言班教材 (CSL and AP Chinese 课程按老师要求自行买书), 并提供现场注册和缴费. 请领书或注册的家长务必戴上口罩, 保持至少6尺以上距离, 有秩序领取或注册. 如果只是领取书本, 我们鼓励你不用下车, 中文学校工作人员递给你开走即可.

谢谢已经注册的家长. 还没有注册的,请抓紧时间注册.

RACL will distribute textbooks for 2021 Fall semester language classes (not including CSLand AP Chinese classes) this Saturday (8/14) from 10am-1pm at front parking lot of Apex Middle school.  During this time period, on-site registration and payment will be provided. PLEASE ware the masks and maintain at least 6 feet social distancing all the times while orderly picking up the textbooks or for on-site registration/payment. If you only pick up the textbooks, we encourage you to drive through to pick them up.

Thanks for those families who had already registered.  If you have not registered yet, please register as soon as possible.


Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2021-2022 Principal

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