RACL principal newsletter 4/15/15

Dear RACL family,

  1. We will NOT have school(both Chinese and Activity) on this Sat (4/18) again due to the building is reserved by RCHS.  It is on our schedule: http://www.racl.org/calendar.html.  We will resume both Chinese and Activity classes on 4/25.
  2. Our school summer camp registration has begun: 洛丽汉语学校2015夏令营 (Summer Camp) (7/27-7/31, 2015). Please check your email for details that sent out from Vice Principal Zhiping Zhang, or check http://www.racl.org/index.html and http://www.racl.org/pdf/2015Spring/2015RACLSummerCamp.pdf.
  3. You may now require credit transfer to Wake county high schools.  Please check email from Student Record <student_record@racl.org> by Ms. Wei Ding – our school student record admin.  Or see: http://www.racl.org/requestTranscript.htm.
  4. We will not allow parents to wonder around freely in building or classrooms from 4/25, per RCHS’ strong request.  This problem has been especially worse during 11am and 1pm.  If you will volunteer in your child’s Language or Activity class, you may go in there but must stay inside that class room.  You can’t go out and stay in the hallway or move to a different or empty room during the class time.
    They have also reported to us that many of our students were found running in the hallway or in the parking lot area, and some young kids were playing on the stairs without parents’ supervising.
    RCHS has expressed their serious concerns about these behaviors, which may impact our next year’s contract.  So we need your cooperation to help us comply with RCHS’ requirement.  And we will continue to evaluate the situation and  may modify our school policies accordingly in future.

Thank you very much!


Steve Chen/陈曦,
2014-2015 RACL Principal


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