RACL principal newsletter 3/25/15

Dear RACL Family,

  1. We will have normal school (Chinese and Activities) on this Sat 3/28/15 even though this is Spring Break week. Please pay attention to this.  For students that have been taking 3 days of snow make up classes in wcpss schools, we wish you will have 2 days of break on tomorrow and Friday.
  1. Our 4th journal of 2014-2015 has just published. Please see: http://www.racl.org/newsletters/2014-2015_4.PDF.  There are lots of attractive and useful information in there.  Thanks so much again to our editors for their dedication and time on this volunteering work.  They have published many great journals in the past.

本期编辑: 龚晓哲 ( Julia Gong), Angela Hou, 汪紫妍 (Caroline Wang),

李若梦 (Dory Li), 李珍涵(Grace Li), Peter Liu, 罗佳(Sophia Luo)

顾问: 王慧芳, 龚青

  1. We have decided to host our 2nd year Summer Camp in RCCC church for 1 week (same as in last year). The time is:

洛丽汉语学校2015 夏令营

(7/27-7/31, 2015)

The registration and program details will be published soon.

  1. Thanks for everyone who have made donation on 3/14. We will continue to collect donation on 3/28 and 4/4:

綠堡难民及新移民學校(DHNS in http://newcomers.gcsnc.com/pages/Doris_Henderson_Newcomers <http://newcomers.gcsnc.com/pages/Doris_Henderson_Newcomers> ) needs our support for their students’ school supply in Spring 2015.  Used school bags or most school supplies and summer cloth are fine.  Please continue to 踊跃捐赠 as you did in Dec 2014 when we donated over 600 winter clothes to DHNS students!  Those students in DHNS and their teachers really appreciate us.  Here are what they wish to get donation from RACL this time to support their school and students:


Spiral notebooks

Pocket folders

1 inch binders

Filler paper for the binders


Pencil sharpeners

Clorox cleaning wipes


Writing tablets (the kind used for preschool children who are learning to write)

Spring and summer clothing in children and young adult sizes

與上次不同的是,這次 主要是“募文具”,也“募夏季衣物”。


「洛麗漢語學校」將利用最近三個週六(3/14, 3/28, 4/4)的上課日,在校園擺設幾個募捐箱,供學校教職員、學生、家長捐物。您也可以捐款,所募集來的善款,將專款專用,來購買學生的基本的文具。 綠堡难民及新移民學校需要的物品包括:書包、鉛筆、擦膠、小型削鉛筆器、Spiral notebooks、Pocket folders、1 inch binders、Filler paper for the binders、Clorox cleaning wipes、Kleenex。並將一起將所購買的上列物資,提前在放暑假前,送達「新移民學校」,以便按所需要文具一一放置入書包裡,在今年八月底的開學日,能足夠的發給(今年)新入學的學童。


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