RACL Principal Newsletter 3/10/2018


感谢我们的家长,同学,老师,志愿服务者及工作人员给大家带来了一台以才艺秀为主轴精彩联欢.  本周六(3/30/18)为学校开学第七周, 课外活动课也将在本周照常进行. 本周六是全校期中考试复习日。下周六3/17是期中考试日,3/24是补考日.

Thank all our students, parents, teachers and volunteers for making RACL’s Chinese New Year celebration a great success.  We will have regular classes this Saturday (3/3/18). And activity classes will also normal schedule this Saturday.  This Saturday language class will have reviews for mid-term exams.  The mid-term exams will be the next Saturday (3/17) and the exam make-up date will the Saturday after the next Saturday (3/24).


RACL will conduct a survey to find out interests and needs for activity classes from our parents and students.  We will ask language class teachers to pass the survey forms tomorrow.  We ask all parents and students to complete the survey the next week, and bring the forms and give tem to your language class teachers the next Saturday(3/17).  Thank you very much for your support and coorperation.


The newly added computer activity class will start tomorrow.  The class will be at room 2215.  Please pay the fee at the office (rm 1212).

家长, 老师和同学们,你们在Amazon上购物时,请用以下的链接。用此链接,Amazon会给我们学校捐款。谢谢大家。

Share this linkhttp://smile.amazon.com/ch/58-2190391 and ask your donors, volunteers, employees, and friends to bookmark this link so all their eligible shopping will benefit Raleigh Academy Of Chinese Language.

RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。 我们洛丽汉语学校见!


Lin Xu /
2017-2018 Principal

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