RACL Principal Newsletter 2/23/2018


新年好!相信大家都度过了愉快的春节.本周六(2/24/18)为学校开学第五周,课外活动课也将在本周照常进行.   到目前还有二十七个家庭还没有付费, 请还没有付费的家长抓紧付费. 如果到三月三日学校还没有收到学费和相关费用的话,你的孩子将被在上课的名单上除名。,

RACL will have regular classes this Saturday (2/24/18). And activity classes will also normal schedule this Saturday.  Right now there are 27 families which still have a outstanding balance with RACL.  Please make efforts to pay all outstanding tuition and fees.   For any family still have a outstanding balance by March 3rd, your children or you will be immediately removed from class rosters.

我们学校的春节/元宵节联欢会将在3/3/18举办.   3/3曰,我们洛丽汉语学校将一如既往地和我们的孩子,家长,老师和其他义工朋友一起庆祝我们的农历新年和元宵节。我们希望借助这活动来传承祖国悠久的文化历史,今年的联欢活动将创新性的采用“Talent Show”的形式, 晚会以“Talent Show”为主轴,中间还有特邀请节目。联欢结束后学校将在Apex Middle的食堂里聚餐,中间将有幸运抽奖活动。

This year’s RACL Chinese new year celebration will be held on March 3rd. The format of this year’s performance is “Talent Show”.  Right after the performance, RACL will serve lunch to all our RACL families.  We will also have prizes drawing during the lunch.

The parent Chinese Calligraphy class (10:00 am to 11:00 am) will meet at the classroom 1210.

家长, 老师和同学们,你们在Amazon上购物时,请用以下的链接。用此链接,Amazon会给我们学校捐款。谢谢大家。

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RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。 我们洛丽汉语学校见!


Lin Xu /
2017-2018 Principal

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