RACL Principal Newsletter 10/27/2018


大家好!本周六(10/27)为全校开学第八周,是本学期期中考试日, 下周补考时间(11/3)9:15-10:15 AM,地点是1212教室. 希望同学们不要迟到. 课外活动课也将在本周照常进行.

RACL will have regular classes this Saturday (10/27/18). This Saturday is Mid-term exam date. Please make sure that your children arrive their classroom on time. And activity classes will also have normal class schedules this Saturday.

本周六我校家长会(PTA )邀请到了Sharon Wang,Sharon是Enloe高中十年级的学生,也是我们学校的校友。周六她将分享她在今年暑假去日本参加由YFU(Youth For Understanding) 赞助的一个特别有意义的活动. 欢迎感兴趣的家长(尤其是高中生家长及学生)来听她的报告。

报告时间: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
报告地点: 1214  教室

This Saturday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, RACL PTA invited Sharon Wang to share her summer experience with us.  She is a current 10th grader at Enloe High School. She also has been a RACL student for more than 10 years. This past summer of 2018, Sharon participated a scholarship funded by YFU (Youth For Understanding) and had the great opportunity to become a study abroad student for the first time. The journey impacted her in many ways. She would like to share the information and story with everyone.  .  The seminar is at the parent room 1214.  Please attend if you are interested.

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RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。洛丽汉语学校见!


Lin Xu /
2018-2019 Principal

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