RACL Language and Activity Classes Continue this Week on 05/06/2023; Camping Registration Open; Summer Camp Registration Early Bird Ends 05/07/2023


本周六 (5月6日)是春季语言班第十四周, 课外活动班第十三周上课。本周六语言班进行期末复习,下周六 (5月13日)语言班进行期末考试。 

This Saturday (05/06/23) is the 14th time of language classes and the 13th time of activity classes. This Saturday the language classes will have a final review, and the Next Saturday (05/06/2023) the language classes will have a final exam.  


This Saturday, L6B parents are on duty of traffic safety. All relevant parents please support!

我校今年将恢复一年一度的露营活动, 时间定于6月3日下午3点开始,地点在Jordan Lake, Parkers Creek Campground. 学校提供周六烧烤晚餐和周日早餐, 可选择在Camp Site 露营过夜。到时会提供篝火, 各种运动, 游戏等活动,给学生和家长们一次放松和社交的机会。家长和五岁以上小孩每人收费 $5 元。可以周六在学校注册,或线上注册: https://forms.gle/9j2i52Jq1xGDj5tY6

Our school will resume its annual camping activities this year. It is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm on June 3 at Jordan Lake, Parkers Creek Campground. The school provides Saturday barbecue dinner and Sunday breakfast.  Camping at Camp Site overnight is encouraged but optional. There will be bonfires, various sports, games and other activities, giving students and parents a chance to relax and socialize. Parents and children over the age of five are charged $5 per person, and can register at the school on Saturday, or register online: https://forms.gle/9j2i52Jq1xGDj5tY6

继3月11号教育基金讲座,家长们意犹未尽,希望能够更加详细的了解,本周六( 5/6/2023) 上午9:30am到10:30am在1214教室, 我们有邀请到Jenny 老师继上次的话题展开更加细致的讲解,并且通过实例分享来帮助大家了解。 随着时间的推移,技术的进步,投资的工具也随之演化,Jenny老师基于《财富心理学》和大家分享超越技术和工具的理念和原理。 欢迎大家的参与。

Following the education fund seminar on March 11th, parents have more to say and hope to learn more about it. This Saturday (5/6/2023) from 9:30am to 10:30am in classroom 1214, we have invited teacher Jenny to continue the seminar. The next topic will be explained in more detail, and examples will be shared to help everyone understand. With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, investment tools have also evolved. Based on “Wealth Psychology”, Teacher Jenny will share with you the ideas and principles beyond technology and tools. Everyone is welcome to participate.

我校2023暑期夏令营继续开放注册,早鸟优惠价延期一周至5月7日结束,本校学生也享受优惠价。还未报名的家长请抓紧时间在早鸟价结束前报名。 请大家访问网页 http://www.racl.org/racl-summer-campsenglish在线注册并获取所有营房的时间和收费信息。如有问题, 请发email至 registration@racl.org。 

RACL 2023 summer camp continues to open for registration. The early bird dicount is extended for one week until end of 05/07/2023. The students of our school will also enjoy the discount price. Those parents who have not registered yet, please hurry up and register before the end of the early bird price. Please visit the web page http://www.racl.org/racl-summer-campsenglish to register online and get information on the hours and fees of all camps. For questions, please email registration@racl.org.  

RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。

RACL belongs to all parents and children. Thank you for your support! 


Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2022-2023 Principal

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