Important announcement on credit transfer from RACL to WCPSS

Dear RACL parents and students,

It was recently brought to our attention that as of August this year, WCPSS had a new policy regarding credit transferring from RACL to high schools. The new policy requires future students to take a language test to earn the two foreign language credits while transferring Chinese credits from RACL to WCPSS. Please refer to the attachment for the details.

However, for students who completed the coursework at least up to 8th grade at the RACL before August this year, they can still submit their RACL transcript for credits to their school counselor without a language test requirement during this grace period. So, for those recent RACL graduates who want the credit transferring from RACL to WCPSS, please submit RACL transcript application ASAP to RACL transcript manager Wei Ding at following the steps:

1. zelle $15 to Please put a note with your student name and RACL transcript.
2. Please email the following information
      Student name
      Student High School
      Counselor name
      Student High School Address

Details of the transcript request guide can be found at -requesting-guide/.

Starting this school year, future students wishing to apply World Language Credits for courses not taken in WCPSS, must take a state approved proficiency assessment (AAPPL). Students must earn a minimum of Novice High to be awarded Level I and Level II credits on their WCPSS transcript.

Thank you very much for your attention!


Junliang Chen/ 陈俊良
2020-2021 Principal

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