RACL Spring 2023 First Week with Both Language and Activity Classes Start on 01/28/23; Registration Continues


本周六 (01/28/23)是中文学校春季学期第一周,本周六还是秋季学期期末考试的补考日。补考的学生请尽早到学校办公室(RM1212) 补考, 考试开始时间从9:15am开始。 

This Saturday (01/28/23) is the first week of Spring 2023 semester, and this Saturday is also the make-up day for the final exam of the 2022 Fall. Students who need to take the make-up exam please go to the office (RM1212) to take the make-up exam. The start time of the exam is 9:15am.

本周 In Person 课外活动课也同时开始, 网课(College Essay, Open Sesame, SAT 1,2 & 3,Tutoring) 将从下周末 (02/04/23) 开始。Computer Classes 将从1/30陆续开始。 因老师请假,本周 Fun Math, SAT Math 和 素描课将暂停一次,以后择日再补。 第一次课外活动课,欢迎大家来试听。

This week, the In Person Activity classes also start for the first time. The online classes (College Essay, Open Sesame, SAT 1,2 & 3, Tutoring) will start next weekend (2/4/23). Computer Classes will start in the week of 1/30. Due to the teacher’s leave, the Fun Math, SAT Math and Sketch classes will not start this week, and will be made up at a later date. Since this is the first week of Activity classes. Everyone is welcome to try it out.

下周六02/04/23 没有In Person课外活动课。 中文课上完之后, 将举办我校春节元宵联欢会, 时间 11:15am – 2:30pm,地点:Apex Middle School 餐厅。欢迎所有 RACL 家长, 学生, 老师, 志愿者和嘉宾参加,到时Pizza 午餐,表演节目和游戏将呈现给大家。希望大家预留时间都来出席庆祝活动!

Next Saturday, 02/04/23, there will be no In Person Activity classes. After the Chinese classes, our school Chinese New Year Gala will be held, from 11:15am to 2:30pm at Apex Middle School restaurant. All RACL parents, students, teachers, volunteers and guests are welcome to attend, there will be pizza lunch, shows and games for everyone. We hope you all can make it to attend this celebration event!

学校的日历请见: http://www.racl.org/school-calendar/ (参见第二页)。 课外活动课程相关信息请见:http://www.racl.org/activity-classes/。还未注册的学生,请家长尽快注册。学校本周六 01/28/23 在9:15-11:00am 提供现场注册。 返校学生也可以自行登录注册系统在线注册http://apps.racl.org/,新学生请访问我们的网站:http://www.racl.org/registration/,在线填写新生注册表: https://forms.gle/XpLYTbpjktBwRCHn8。如需帮助或有疑问,请发Email给registration@racl.org

The school calendar is available at: http://www.racl.org/school-calendar/ (See Page 2). The information on activity classes is available at: http://www.racl.org/activity-classes/.  This Saturday 01/28/23 from 9:15 to 11:00am, our school registration personnel will provide the in-person registration service. For students who have not yet registered, please register as soon as possible. Returning students can also log in to the registration system and register online at http://apps.racl.org/. For new students, please visit our website: http://www.racl.org/registration/ and fill in the registration form online: https: //forms.gle/XpLYTbpjktBwRCHn8. For assistance or questions, please email registration@racl.org.

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RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。

RACL belongs to all parents and children. Thank you for your support! 

Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2022-2023 Principal

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