RACL Principal Newsletter

Dear RACL families, volunteers and staffs,

本周六12/19,洛丽汉语学校是本学期最后一次上课,也是期末考试日,本周没有activity 课。


明天有值班任务的家长和safety team,请提早到学校,谢谢。

感谢safety team,PTA和各位值班家长的支持,RACL car pool系统运行地井然有序。感谢家长们的配合,我们可以提供安静安全的学习环境给我们的孩子。

报名处通知: 本周继续春节班提前报名。具体参照报名处的通知。


1041 Washington St, Raleigh, NC 27605  (Methodist Home For Children)



Xin Fang/方馨


We will have the last class on Saturday, December 19 ,2015.  All of language class will have final exam of winter term. We will have no activity class on Saturday.

School will be closed at 11:15am. Please pick up you kids on time.

Thanks all safety team and on-duty parents. With your help, our carpool system runs much smoother and faster.

RACL will hold onsite registration for 2016 Spring semester on this Saturday.

If you still have problem to find our school, please input following address to your phone or GPS system.

1041 Washington St, Raleigh, NC 27605  (address of Methodist Home For Children)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Xin Fang/方馨,
2015-2016 Principal

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