RACL Language AND Activity Classes Continue this Week on 11/05/22; Golf Seminar


本周六 (11/05/22)是中文学校语言班第九周, 课外活动班第八周上课。本周六9:15-10:15am所有语言班将在1212教室进行期中考试补考。

This Saturday (11/05/22) is the nineth time of the language classes and the eighth time of the activity classes in our school. The language class will have a makeup  mid-term exam at room #1212 from 9:15am to 10:15am.


This Saturday, L4A parents are on duty of traffic safety, All relevant parents please support!

本周六上午9点30分在学校1214教室举办一个高尔夫知识和培训的讲座,由知名高尔夫球手凌宇辰教练主讲。凌教练英文名叫Will,去年2021从Campbell University Professional Golf management毕业,现在是职业球手PGA Member在Knights play工作教球。如果有足够的家长和学生报名,凌教练也有意向为大家开创高尔夫球课程,欢迎感兴趣的家长朋友们和学生们参加。

This Saturday at 9:30 am, a seminar of golf knowledge and training will be held in classroom 1214 of the school, which will be given by well-known golfer coach Will Ling. Coach Ling graduated from Campbell University Professional Golf Management in 2021 last year. He is now a professional golfer PGA Member who teaches golf at Knights play. If enough parents and students could sign up, Coach Ling also intends to create a golf class for everyone. Interested parents, friends and students are welcome to participate.

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RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。

RACL belongs to all parents and children. Thank you for your support! 

Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2022-2023 Principal

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