RACL Fall Semester starts at 9:15am on 8/27/2016



洛丽汉语学校将于2016年8月27日,上午9:15 开学。学校新地点是 Apex Middle School; 地址:400 East Moore Street, Apex NC 27502。 本周只有语言班,没有课外活动班,上午11:00放学,请按时接学生。另外,2016年9月3日劳动节不上课;课外活动班将于2016年9月10日开学。

新学校的安全管理,交通规则,停车安排由学校Safety Team统一发布,请遵守他们的安排与指导。Apex Middle School 位置参见 http://www.racl.org/school-direction/

洛丽汉语学校教室位于Apex Middle School 的B 教学楼内,参见 http://www.racl.org/racl-classroom-map/ ; 教室安排参见 http://www.racl.org/class-email-groups/ 。学校会安排志愿服务者及工作人员在每个教室外的墙壁上张贴学生名单。如果您找不到教室,或者找不到您孩子名字,请寻问义工或者到办公室寻问。学校办公室是1214教室;家长休息室是1207教室。

学生注册参见 http://www.racl.org/registration/ 。开学当天,我们将有现场注册。学校日历参见 http://www.racl.org/school-calendar/


Zhiping Zhang/张治平
RACL 2016-2017 校长
代表 RACL 学校执行委员会


Dear RACL Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers and Staff,

Welcome back to our school. Wish every family has had a wonderful 2016 summer!

RACL Fall semester will start from August 27th, 2016, at 9:15am. School new location: Apex Middle School; Address: 400 East Moore Street, Apex NC 27502 (http://www.racl.org/school-direction/). For the first school day, no activity classes are available and school will dismiss at 11:00. Please pick-up your students on time. We will have Labor Day break and all activity classes will start from September 10th, 2016.

Car-pool, parking and safety rules will be announced by our Safety Team separately.

All classrooms are in the B Building of Apex Middle School (http://www.racl.org/racl-classroom-map/), and classroom arrangement can be found at (http://www.racl.org/class-email-groups/). Our Office is in Classroom 1214, Parent Break Room is in Classroom 1207.

For registration, please follow (http://www.racl.org/registration/). Our staff will also provide on-site registration and other associated services to all students and their families. School Calendar can be found from (http://www.racl.org/school-calendar/).

Thank you very much and look forward to seeing you all!

Zhiping Zhang/张治平
RACL 2016-2017 Principal
on behalf of RACL executive committee

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