RACL 2016-2017 Activity Classes Introduction

Dear RACL Parents;

Tomorrow is the first day of our RACL 2016-2017 school year.  We are continuing to provide registration service at our new home, Apex Middle School.  For this school year, our activity class director, Songhua Zhang, has put a lot of efforts and hard works into reorganizing existing activity classes and bringing in new exciting activity classes.

For chess and drawing classes, we are able to retain this group of good teachers to continue teaching at our school.  For dance classes, we are able to add a Zumba class for our parentsDaisy Chang will teach this new adult Zumba class and Dance 1 class.  She was one of the leaders at Ruby Slipper Chinese Dance club from 2012 to 2014.  Christina Chen, our Dance 1 teacher, will teach Dance 2 class this year.  Under the direction of Dasiy and Christina, our school will produce excellent dance programs / performances to our local Chinese community.

Songhua has poured a lot of sweat and hard works into academic activity classes.  For math classes, Ms. Shi Qing and Ms. Li Hong will continue providing excellent math classes to our kids.  We are also providing two new math classes, Math Olympics Competition class and Math Problem Solving class (targeting 4 and 5th grade kids).  Peter Diao is going to teach the Math Olympics Competition class.  He came to us from Californian, and has a math PhD from Stanford and participated in MOSP twice in high school.  Emily, our Math Problem Solving teacher, is a junior at NC School of Math and Science.  In additional, Melody, Emily’s sister, is going to be a teacher assistant at the class. Melody is a freshman at Enloe High School and she scored a perfect score at the SAT math portion as a 7th grader.

For English language art classes, we have incorporated reading, writing and public speaking and redesigned the classes.  Now there are three different level of SAT English classes being offered.  Matt and Davis will teach SAT English 1 and 3.  Austin Zhang is going to teach SAT English 2 class.  Austin is a graduate of RACL and is a freshman at Duke University.

We are also excited to offer a Computer Programming activity class developed by Computer and Mobile Learning (CAML) Academy partnered with Google, code.org, CSTA etc. to teach students learn computer science and be equipped with the computational thinking skills.  Jason Niu with CAML Academy is going to teach this new exciting class.

For more detail information about activity classes at RACL, please see the following web site: http://www.racl.org/activity-classes/

Check out our activity classes, Choose one or more, and Happy learning for you kids.


Lin Xu

Vice Principal

on Behalf of Activity Classes Team

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