Delay of school starting on 12/17/2016

Due to expected ice spots, bridge slick and elevated road conditions, all language classes, first Class from 10am to 10:50am, Second Class from 11am to 11:50am today 12/17/2016. 

Please pick up your student by 11:50 am. No Activity Classes today. 

Sorry for the short time notice.

Drive safe and thanks,

因为天气原因,今天中文学校推迟四十五分钟. 学校上课时间从十点到十一点五十分钟. 第一节课从10am到10:50am, 第二节课从11am到11:50am. 请大家开车注意安全,尤其在过桥的时候. 还请家长,志愿服务和工作人员互相告知. 谢谢大家合作.

请家长一定要在今天上午11:50 接学生。今天没有课外活动课。

Zhiping Zhang

Zhiping Zhang/张治平, 

2016-2017 Principal

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