RACL Principal Week 7 Newsletter 10/3

Dear RACL families, volunteers and staffs,

本周六10/3,洛丽汉语学校正常上课, 期中考试复习。 明天RTP地区继续阴雨天气,不好开车,麻烦各位家长提早出门,一路平安。


明天有值班任务的家长和safety team,请自己准备好雨具,注意保暖。


感谢safety team,PTA和各位值班家长的支持,RACL car pool系统运行地井然有序。感谢家长们的配合,我们可以提供安静安全的学习环境给我们的孩子。


学校注册处通知: 我们有一些舞蹈小班名额,欢迎七岁和七岁以下的小朋友报名, 小班舞蹈将参加RACL 20周年校庆的表演。


针对Raleigh Charter High School的一些规章制度,学校提醒家长和同学注意一下几点:

  1. 请家长准时(9:10am)送孩子来上学, 如果你的孩子迟到,将来会影响学期末综合成绩。
  2. 中文课和activity课上课期间,请家长们离开教室走道和二楼楼梯,请在学校一楼大厅或者室外等候,也请大家小声说话。
  3. 请家长12:45pm前必须接走你的孩子。如果12:45pm 你没有来接孩子,学校工作人员会收取你$10/minute 的额外费用替你照看孩子。
  4. RCHS高中会在1:00pm 关门包括停车场要清空。 RACL工作人员必须带你的孩子离开学校,请你和校长联系接孩子, 请你支付RACL工作人员babysitting的费用$100。



1041 Washington St, Raleigh, NC 27605  (Methodist Home For Children)




Xin Fang/方馨


We will have normal class on Saturday, October,3rd. Tomorrow, RTP area will still be in the bad weather condition. Please plan to leave home early and safe drive.

Thanks all safety team and on-duty parents. With your help, our carpool system runs much smoother and faster.


Class opening information:

There are a few openings of Dance Classes for new students. The spaces are limited. The class is for the 7 year younger children. The class will attend the performance in RACL 20 year celebration and Spring Festival. 


In order to improve our education environment, we remind all parents to follow RACL rules.

  1. Please send you kids to school on time. Late to school will impact your kid’s grade at EOG.
  2. Please stay at the lobby area during the class for both language class and activity class. Please lower your voice during the class.
  3. Please pick up you kid on time. Please don’t leave you kid waiting for you after 12:45pm. We will charge $10 per minute after 12:45pm. Please plan to make the payment when you pick up your kids.
  4. Raleigh Charter High School and its parking lot are closed at 1:00pm. If you don’t come to pick up your kid, your kid will leave school with our staffs. Please contact principal for picking up your kids. You will be charged extra $100 for paying the babysitting fee.


If you still have problem to find our school, please input following address to your phone or GPS system.

1041 Washington St, Raleigh, NC 27605  (address of Methodist Home For Children)




Xin Fang/方馨,
2015-2016 Principal

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