RACL Principal Newsletter 9/8/2016



  1. 本周六 9/10/2016 继续上课,时间 9:15am – 11:00am。
  1. 本周六 9/10/2016,Activity classes 课外活动班上课,时间11:10am – 12:00pm 或 12:55pm。各位家长可以根据教室分布图(http://www.racl.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/ApexMiddleClassroomMap_BuildingB.jpg)及班级安排(http://www.racl.org/class-email-groups/)找到各自学生的班级地点。我们安排义工张贴学生名单在每个教室外的墙壁上。如果您找不到教室,或者找不到您孩子名字,请问问义工或者到办公室询问。

请注意,Math Problem Solving (Teacher Emily Wen, Grades 4-5, 11:10am to 12:00pm) 和Zumba (adults, 10:10am to 11:00am)从9/17/2016 开始上课。

  1. 本周六 9/10/2016注册处还会继续帮助大家完成注册。时间: 9:30am – 11:30am。
  1. 目前报名象棋课和绘画课的小朋友不少,学校想了解一下已经报名第一时段11:10am到12:00pm课外活动课的家长有没有兴趣让孩子再上一个三年级到六年级的数学课Math Problem Solving. 如果有十个以上家庭感兴趣,学校可以让Emily Wen老师把她在第一时段教的课在第二时段再教一次.
  1. Safety team 已经制定了周密的carpool, parking, safety 计划。请大家遵照执行,并服从安全人员的安排与指导。虽然Apex Middle School 的停车地点比较分散,但我们有足够的停车位供大家使用!
  1. 本学年我们的每周值班家长将会参与到学校每周开学和放学的停车场安全工作上,麻烦大家配合,家长代表都会发给值班家长们具体值班的时间和位置。如果您不是很明白,没关系,我们的safety team会帮助您。不过请您一定按时到达学校和指定岗位, 谢谢。
  1. 9月17日,北卡大三角区第三届龙舟文化节将在凯瑞市隆重举行。洛丽汉语学校(RACL)和CAFA 联合组队参与龙舟赛的角逐;同时, RACL 和红舞鞋(RSCDC)共同设立展台为学校宣传。期待您和家人朋友在下周六齐聚KOKA BOOTH AMPHITHEATRE,欣赏文化演出,品尝风味美食的同时也为RACL的龙舟队呐喊助威,为学校宣传。详情参见:





时间:9月17日 9:00 AM—4:00 PM


8003 Regency Park Pkwy, Cary, North Carolina 27518

  1. 北卡孔子学院也在第三届龙舟文化节设立展台,展示中国文化(Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese clothes),并希望RACL能为他们组织志愿服务人员,也欢迎高中学生参加。他们可以为学生提供Volunteer Credit。RACL和孔子学院有着良好互动,相互帮助与支持。希望家长和同学积极报名参与孔子学院的志愿服务活动。报名连接参见





Zhiping Zhang/张治平

RACL 2016-2017 校长

代表 RACL 学校执行委员会



Dear Parents, Students, Teachers, Volunteers/Staff members:

We would like to remind you that

  1. RACL will resume on 9/10/2016. All Chinese Language classes will start from 9:15am to 11:00am.
  1. Activity classes will start on the same day from 11:10am to either 12:00pm or 12:55pm.  Please find the classroom map from http://www.racl.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/ApexMiddleClassroomMap_BuildingB.jpg , and the classroom numbers from http://www.racl.org/class-email-groups/ . You can find the student list outside each classroom wall. If you can’t find the class location or your kids’ name, please go to office or ask our volunteers.

Math Problem Solving (Teacher Emily Wen, Grades 4-5, 11:10 to 12:00) and Zumba (adults, 10:10 to 11:00) classes will start from 9/17/2016.

  1. Registration team will continue to help you finish your registration this week from 9:30am to 11:30am.
  1. Lots of young kids are going to be in our Chess and Drawing activity classes from 11:10am to 12:00pm. If some of these kids are interested in learning math after their first period of activity classes, we would like to offer the Math Problem Solving Class (Teacher Emily Wen, Grades 4-5, 12:05pm to 12:55pm) again if we have enough kids. If you are interested in this option, would you please let us know.
  1. As usual, Safety team will help parents drop their children and lead children to their language class. We ask parents to follow their guidance when entering/leaving the school. If you prefer to Park and Stay, we have enough parking lots for you!
  1. Our on duty classroom-parents will help school safety team at parking lot during the school traffic hours. Your room parents will send you the on-duty time and your position. Please let our safety team member know if you have any concerns on your responsibility or the location.
  1. TRIANGLE AREA DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL will be on September 17, 2016 from 9:00am to 4:00pm.  It’s open to the public with free admission. RACL and CAFA will have a joint team in the boat racing competition; RACL and Ruby Slippers Chinese Dance Club (RSCDC) will also share a booth to display our school information. It would be a great event for families and friends. Please join us for promoting and enhancing our school! Please find more detail from http://dragonboatnc.wixsite.com/festival and http://boothamphitheatre.com/event/dragon-boat-festival-2/

Date and Time: September 17, 2016 from 9:00am to 4:00pm


8003 Regency Park Pkwy, Cary, North Carolina 27518

  1. Confucius Institute at NC State will also have a booth to display Chinese culture (Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese clothes) on the TRIANGLE AREA DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL. They ask RACL for help and volunteer for the event. They also welcome any other high school students or families to join the day; and would be happy to provide volunteer credit for students. Would you please sign up, participate in the event and help! Also enjoy the great activities! Click to Sign up for Dragon Boat Festival (Sept. 17)



Thank you for supporting RACL!



Zhiping Zhang/张治平

RACL 2016-2017 Principal

on behalf of RACL executive committee

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