RACL principal newsletter 5/13/15

Dear RACL families:

  1. Congratulations to most students who have finished your final exams on last Sat 5/9!  All students will get their school certificates for past year’s Chinese class study or Graduate certificate for Chinese SAT/AP class students.   There is NO activity class on 5/16.  All classes should finish by 11:00am and our safety and cleaning volunteers will start clean up after 11:00am.  There are some lost & found items in the storage room.  Please come to pick up them if they are yours.  Our school will resume in late August 2015 (TBD).

    2. For students who need make up test on this Sat, please arrive on time before 9:15am.  We have prepared 2 rooms for your tests.

  2. Again, congratulations to newly elected school leaders for 2015-2016.  This year’s election had historic high voting number and show-up ratio, which indicates our parents/teachers/volunteers really care about our school.  This is great. Thanks again to our election committee Xiaokang Sang, Lucy Lu and our current Board Chair Jiarong Fu for their leading effort on this matter!


Principal / 校长                Xin Fang / 方馨                150票

Vice Principal / 副校长    Zhiping Zhang / 张治平    143票

PTA / 家长会主席            Lin Xu / 许麟                     139票

Board Member1 / 董事   Ding Yan / 严定                130票

Board Member2 / 董事   Steve Chen / 陈曦            118票

Board Member3 / 董事   Bing Li / 李冰                    102票

  1. We will continue to do 2015 Fall class registration on 5/16.  Please register online first and bring your checks to school for payment.  If you run into any issues (we do get some reports for few different problems already), please contact registration@racl.org and explain your problem and hopefully you can attach a screen snapshot or a picture of your problem.  If it is just login/passwd issue, you don’t need to attach screen snapshot.

    On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 5:05 PM, registration racl <registration@racl.org> wrote:

    洛丽汉语学校(RACL)将进行2015  秋季学期的新老学生招生注册。

注册时间:周六(5/2/15, 5/9/15, 5/16/15), 9:30am – 11:30 am
注册地址:Raleigh Charter High School(RCHS), 1307 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27605

老学生请在线注册 http://apps.racl.org/,如忘记了密码 , 请速给我们发Email:

registration@racl.org 请在Subject 注明: Reset RACL family account password


5. We will continue to do registration for 夏令营/ registration for Summer Camp 2015 (Camping location: RCCC church, Time 7/27-7/31) on RACL site.  Please contact Summer Camp RACL <summer_camp@racl.org> if you have any question;


网址:www.racl.org   电邮:summer_camp@racl.org


上课时间:上午9:00时 — 下午4:00时

接送时间:上午8:30 — 9:00, 下午4:00 — 5:00

地址:RCCC Church, 9266 Chapel Hill Rd, Cary, NC 27513


学费:$200/周 或 $45/天

提早报名优惠: $175/周 (必须于2015年6月8日之前报名)

家庭优惠:兄弟姐妹同时报名给予每人10% 优惠


付账方式:  支票交给注册处,或寄到

Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language
P O Box 50375
Raleigh, NC 27650-6375

  1. We will continue to do registration for 6/6/2015 Jordan Lake BBQ/Picnic/Camping Night event.

please send an email to our respectful Mr. Ding Yan <ding.yan@grifols.com> with the following information:

Name Email Phone # of People # of Kids under 5

To help us better serve food and drinks, as always, we will collect a flat fee of $5 per person, but young kids (5 years old and under) are Free.

Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

280 State Park Road, Apex , NC 27523

(919) 362-0586

Site: 253 254 255

Site Type: Improved Group Camping

Loop: Parkers Creek Group sites

State: North Carolina


Arrival Date: Sat Jun 6 2015

Departure Date: Sun Jun 7 2015

Length of Stay: 1

Primary Occupant: JIANPING YANG

  1. Our school teachers/staff/volunteer will have an open year-end lunch celebration event where we will also review past year’s operation, introduce new school admin members and discuss 20th anniversary events preparation, summer camp preparation,  etc things.  All parents are welcome to join us but you need to pay for your own lunch which is only $7.50/adult (kids are cheaper).  And we always welcome feedback and would like to seek for more volunteers.  The time and location are:

Time: 5/16/15, 11:30am-2:00pm

Location: Golden Dragon Asian Buffet , (919) 329-8118

Address:  4205 Fayetteville Rd,  Raleigh, NC 27603.


Steve Chen/陈曦,

2014-2015 RACL Principal



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