RACL Principal Newsletter 5/16/2020


本周六,05/16/2020, 全部中文课将进行期末考试,也是课外活动班本学期的最后一次课。由于今年的疫情原因,期末考试形式与以前不同,将使用视频会议服务ZOOM进行,请家长们提前查阅老师发出的班级邮件或微信信息,了解老师对期末考试的要求,并于周六之前为自己的孩子准备好相应的电脑设备,已确保家里所有的中文学校的学生按时、按要求完成期末考试答卷并提交。参加考试的学生需要在Zoom 上显示自己的头像以便老师确认!


Hello All,

RACL will have final exam via Zoom for all Chinese classes and it will be the last class for activity classes this Saturday (05/16/2020). All parents please check your emails/WeChat for exam requirements before Saturday, and help your kids take the exam on time per your teacher’s requirement. Students need to display your image though Zoom Video so the teacher can identify and make sure you do take the exam!

Thank you all!

Shujun Li / 李术军
2019-2020 Principal

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