RACL Principal Newsletter 2/1/2020


本周六 02/01/2020 是洛丽汉语学校2020春季学期中文班第三周、课外活动班第二周,学校正常开放。鉴于目前公共卫生形势,本周将采取以下措施:










Hello All,

RACL will have normal Chinese classes and Activity classes this Saturday (02/01/2020). Considering the current local public health situation, we will take the following measures particularly for this Saturday:

1) RACL requires families Coming back from China in less than two weeks stay at home for close observations, and do not come to Chinese school this Saturday;

2) There will be NO onsite registration and please register online if need be. Tuition can be paid later and we will not charge late fee. High school volunteers do not need to come this Saturday.

3) No one except for registered students (including adult students) and RACL staff is allowed to enter the school building during class time.

4) The students will be released class by class once their classes are over. Parents MUST come pick up kids from the building exit/entrance on time;

5) We will have hand sanitizer for every classroom and ask both teachers and students to use;

6) RACL understands and respects any decision made by families without China trips , whether coming for the classes or not. RACL will have all teacher release their class materials for this Saturady to all students so students missing the class can make up themselves.

RACL Admin Team appreciates support and cooperation of very family, and hopes to work with you all to keep a normal life in our community.

Thank you all and see you on Saturday!

Shujun Li / 李术军
2019-2020 Principal

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