RACL Principal Newsletter 12/1/2018



洛丽汉语学校在本周六(12/1/18)继续上课. 课外活动课也将在本周照常进行. 下周六(12/8)为学校的期末考试复习日。本学期的期末大考日是本学期的最后一天(12/15),期末考试的补考日安排在下学期开学的第一天(1/5/19)

RACL will have regular classes this Saturday (12/1/18). And activity classes will also normal schedule this Saturday. Final exams for all language are scheduled at the last day of the semester (12/15/18).  And the exam make-up date is the first day of the next semester (1/5/19).  Please help your children get ready for the final exam.

本周六我校家长会(PTA )邀请到了北卡州立大学的丁教授给我们做个有关怎么写个人简历的讲座,欢迎感兴趣的家长(尤其是高中生家长及学生)来听报告。

报告时间: 9:30 am – 10:30 am
报告地点: 1214  教室

This Saturday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, RACL PTA invited Dr. Ding from NCSU to conduct an RACL workshop on resume strategies.  Dr. Ding is an associated professor of Technical Communication/Professional Writing in English Department of NC State University.  The seminar is at the parent room 1214.  Please attend if you are interested.

北卡华人联合会(CAFA)本周六十点到十一点将在学校为大家提供签证和拍照服务。详情请看 CAFA 的网页www.cafa.org

CAFA will provide Chinese Visa service this Saturday at RACL.  They will also provide photo service as well.  The photo service will be at the office (room 1212).

洛丽汉语学校2018年秋季 (第五年)为「綠堡新移民學校」募集冬装及文具愛心活动将这周继续进行.

This Saturday RACL Alumni Foundation will continue organizing our RACL annual clothing/school supply drive to support the Greensboro Doris Henderson Newcomers School, a school for new immigrants and refugees.

家长, 老师和同学们,你们在Amazon上购物时,请用以下的链接。用此链接,Amazon会给我们学校捐款。谢谢大家。

Share this linkhttp://smile.amazon.com/ch/58-2190391 and ask your donors, volunteers, employees, and friends to bookmark this link so all their eligible shopping will benefit Raleigh Academy Of Chinese Language.


RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。洛丽汉语学校见!


Lin Xu /
2018-2019 Principal

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