RACL Principal Newsletter 11/10/2018


洛丽汉语学校在本周六(11/10/18)继续上课. 课外活动课也将在本周照常进行,有兴趣的家长和同学可以从以下的网站了解和选择感兴趣的课外活动课. http://www.racl.org/activity-classes/

RACL will have regular classes this Saturday (11/10/18). And activity classes will also normal schedule this Saturday. Please check out our school web site about the activity classes (http://www.racl.org/activity-classes/) and register any activity class interested to you and your children.

洛丽汉语学校2018年秋季 (第五年)为「綠堡新移民學校」募集冬装及文具愛心活动将这周开始.捐赠物 品可以抵税(tax deduction),学校准备了收据。

活动日期: 11/10/18 – TBD
活动时间: 9:00am – 11:30am
活动地点: 洛丽汉语学校 at Apex Middle School, 400 E Moore St, Apex, NC 27502
主办单位: 洛丽汉语学校校友会 – RACLAF
Coordinators 联系人:
Lisa Zhang  刘佳玥 / Katie Liu (RACLAF 2018-2019 President), lkatie.0322@gmail.com
Lin Xu 许麟 (RACL 2018-2019 Principal), principal@racl.org

我们将接受任何尺寸(小孩和大人)的捐赠衣物(因为有些学童有较 小的弟妹及父母/监护人)。也接受旧/新的被子/毯子等。
1. 二手衣服:(状况好的,新的也可)各种衣裤,鞋子, 靴子,围巾,被子等(任何尺寸)。
2. 文具: 書包、鉛筆、擦膠、小型削鉛筆器、Spiral notebooks、Pocket folders、1 inch binders、Filler paper for the binders、Clorox cleaning wipes、Kleenex。

This year, RACL Alumni Foundation, a club founded to provide student volunteers and serve RACL, has taken over the responsibility of organizing our RACL annual clothing/school supply drive to support the Greensboro Doris Henderson Newcomers School, a school for new immigrants and refugees. Please see below for the details:

Duration: 11/10/18 – TBD
Time: 9:00am – 11:30am
Location: Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language, at Apex Middle School, 400 E Moore St, Apex, NC 27502
Organized by: RACL Alumni Foundation (RACLAF)

家长, 老师和同学们,你们在Amazon上购物时,请用以下的链接。用此链接,Amazon会给我们学校捐款。谢谢大家。

Share this linkhttp://smile.amazon.com/ch/58-2190391 and ask your donors, volunteers, employees, and friends to bookmark this link so all their eligible shopping will benefit Raleigh Academy Of Chinese Language.


RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。洛丽汉语学校见!


Lin Xu /
2018-2019 Principal

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