RACL Principal Newsletter 1/8/2022


本周六,1/8/2022,是中文学校春季学期语言班第一次课, 没有课外活动课.

如果还没有完成春季网上注册. 请抓紧时间在线注册http://apps.racl.org/,如忘记了密码, 可以按指定办法重新设置。如果还有问题,或者你要同时注册二门课外活动班,可以发电子邮件至: registration@racl.org。请在Subject一栏注明: Reset password,或者Register for 2nd activity class. 新学生请访问我们的网站:http://www.racl.org/registration/填写新生注册表并发给registration@racl.org. 请在Subject一栏注明:New Student or Add New Student. 春季校历参见http://www.racl.org/school-calendar/. 课外活动课程参见http://www.racl.org/activity-classes/.学校开通online Zelle 支付方法. 请支付RACL学费到 accounting@racl.org, 并且在信息栏清楚注明家长姓名, 学生姓名和班级.

学校将继续使用视频会议服务ZOOM正常远程授课. 各个班级的老师将于周六之前将各自的网课信息发送给每个注册学生, 请每位家长务必在周六上午9:00 之前,检查邮件或班级微信群, 以便准时开课。希望广大家长理解并配合老师、学生们的网络教学,于周六之前为自己的孩子上课准备好相应的电脑设备,并帮助孩子们进一步熟悉ZOOM的使用。

RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的,请你们在Amazon上购物时,用以下的链接 http://smile.amazon.com/ch/58-2190391, Amazon会给我们学校捐款。谢谢大家。

Hello All,

The Chinese language classes of 2022 Spring Semester will start this Saturday on January 8, 2022. There is NO activity classes this week.

If you have not finished online registration for the Spring semester. PLEASE register on-line through http://apps.racl.org/. All new students please visit the school web site (http://www.racl.org/registration/) and fill out the new student registration form and send it to registration@racl.org. Spring semester calendar can be found at http://www.racl.org/school-calendar/. The activity class information can be found at http://www.racl.org/activity-classes/. RACL uses Zelle as the online payment method. Please pay the tuition to RACL at accounting@racl.org and provide parent name(s), student name(s) and attending class(es) in Message/Memo section.

RACL continues to use tele-schooling for all Chinese language and activity classes. All teachers will schedule Zoom Meetings for the class time and will send out meeting information for students to join before Saturday morning. All parents please check your E-mail and/or your class WeChat group for class information, and help your kids prepare the online classes.

Share this link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/58-2190391 and ask your donors, volunteers, employees, and friends to bookmark this link so all their eligible shopping will benefit Raleigh Academy Of Chinese Language.

Thank you all!

Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2021-2022 Principal

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