RACL Language AND Activity Classes Continue this week on 10/22/22; Health Seminar; Chinese Culture Competition


本周六 (10/22/22)是中文学校语言班第七周, 课外活动班第六周上课。本周六语言班将进行期中考试复习,下周六(10/29/22)将进行期中考试。

This Saturday (10/22/22) is the seventh time of the language classes and the sixth time of the activity classes in our school. This Saturday the language classes will review for the mid-term exam, which is scheduled next Saturday (10/29/22).


The Fun Math and SAT Math classes are cancelled this weekend, and will be made up at the weekend of 01/14/23.

本周六上午9点30分在学校1214教室举办健康公益讲座,由丰华丽博士谈健康。丰博士是百度百科人物,原中国水利行业科学研究院教授,主要从事饮用水安全、水生态系统保护和修复等领域的科研工作。 欢迎大家参加,也欢迎转发。

This Saturday at 9:30 am, a health public welfare seminar will be held by Dr. Huali Feng in classroom 1214 of the school. Dr. Feng is a Baidu Encyclopedia character and a former professor of the Chinese Academy of Water Conservancy Industry. She is mainly engaged in scientific research in the fields of drinking water safety, water ecosystem protection and restoration. Everyone is welcome to participate, and welcome to forward.


The “Cultural China – The 8th Overseas Chinese Youth Chinese Culture Competition” hosted by Huaqiao University has been officially launched, and registration has begun. The students need to be 12-22 years old overseas Chinese teenagers who love Chinese culture, have a certain learning foundation for Chinese culture, and have a certain talent show ability. The preliminaries are divided into two parts: the online Chinese culture knowledge test and the talent show. Both parts are indispensable. 1) The content of the cultural knowledge test is mainly based on “Chinese Geography”, “Chinese Culture” and “Chinese History”. 2) Talent Show: There are four tracks of speech, dance, vocal and instrumental music. With the characteristics of Chinese culture as the content, the contestants’ understanding and perception of the rich connotation of Chinese culture will be displayed. Interested teenagers should contact their language class teacher or principal.

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RACL是每位家长和每位孩子的, 谢谢所有人的支持。

RACL belongs to all parents and children. Thank you for your support!


Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2022-2023 Principal

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