RACL Final Week on 05/20/2023; 2023 RACL Election; Forum on NC Legislature; Summer Camp and Fall Semester Registrations


本周六 (5月20日)是春季语言班第十六周, 本学期最后一次上课。 课外活动课已经结束,但是之前有缺课的趣味数学, SAT数学, 素描, 国际象棋 和 Zumba 各课程将在5月20日补课一次。

This Saturday (05/20/2023) is the ixteenth and last week of the spring language classes. There is no activity class except that Fun Math, SAT math, Sketching, Chess, and Zumba will make up one missed class on 05/20/2013.


This Saturday, L9A parents are on duty of traffic safety. All relevant parents please support!

新学年秋季课程将在7月中旬向大家开放新注册系统进行注册,请大家耐心等待通知。在我校没有账号的新家庭可以网上填 此表进行预注册: registration form.The Fall 2023 semester will open to everyone for registration using our new registration system in mid-July. Please wait patiently for the notification. New families who do not have an account in our school can fill in this online form for pre-registration:registration form.

举办一场茶话会,主题是《北卡州议会运作方式和法案流程》,内容包括州议会立法流程简介, 什么是说客,法案提出和通过的过程并和大家通过Q&A方式进行交流互动。讲座嘉宾是北卡州议员刘广亚(Ya Liu)。刘议员会分享最近起草的几个和亚裔息息相关的法案。本次讲座以分享为主,欢迎大家前去了解和参加。

This Saturday (05/20/2023) at 9:30 am in classroom 1214, we will hold a discussion forum on the theme of “North Carolina State Legislature Operation Mode and Bill Process”, which includes a brief introduction to the state legislature’s legislative process, what is Lobbyist, the process of proposing and passing the bill and interacting with everyone through Q&A. The guest speaker was Ya Liu, Congressman from North Carolina. Councilor Liu will share several recently drafted bills that are closely related to Asians. This forum is mainly for sharing, and everyone is welcome to participate.我校一年一度的选举活动已经开始了。我们需要按照学校章程选出我们新的校长, 副校长, 家长会主席, 和三位董事会成员(两年任期)。

请大家本周六 05/20/2023 在中文学校现场投票,或者在本周通过以下链接 投票:https://forms.gle/jGUSSLgtVamqoxaC7。 选举截止日:5/20/2023 5:00pm. 

Our school’s annual election campaign has begun. We need to elect our new Principal, Vice-Principal, Parent Association President, and three board members (two-year terms) in accordance with the school constitution. Please vote at the Chinese school this Saturday 05/20/2023, or vote this week online through the following link: https://forms.gle/jGUSSLgtVamqoxaC7. Voting Deadline: 5/20/2023 5:00pm. 今年的露营活动定于6月3日下午3点开始,地点在Jordan Lake, Parkers Creek Campground. 学校提供周六烧烤晚餐 (注意:周日早餐不提供,更正一下上次所发信息), 可选择在Camp Site 露营过夜。到时会提供篝火, 各种运动, 游戏等活动,给学生和家长们一次放松和社交的机会。家长和五岁以上小孩每人收费 $5 元。可以周六在学校注册,或线上注册: https://forms.gle/9j2i52Jq1xGDj5tY6Our annual camping activity this year is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm on June 3 at Jordan Lake, Parkers Creek Campground. The school provides Saturday barbecue dinner, but not Sunday breakfast.  Camping at Camp Site overnight is encouraged but optional. There will be bonfires, various sports, games and other activities, giving students and parents a chance to relax and socialize. Parents and children over the age of five are charged $5 per person, and can register at the school on Saturday, or register online: https://forms.gle/9j2i52Jq1xGDj5tY6
我校2023暑期夏令营继续开放注册, 本校学生享受优惠价。 请大家访问网页 http://www.racl.org/racl-summer-campsenglish 在线注册并获取所有营房的时间和收费信息。如有问题, 请发email至 registration@racl.org。 RACL 2023 summer camp continues to open for registration. The students of our school will enjoy the discount price. Please visit the web page http://www.racl.org/racl-summer-campsenglish to register online and get information on the hours and fees of all camps. For questions, please email registration@racl.org.   


Finally, thank you all for your support to our school and the school executive committee this school year! Happy summer everyone!


Wenzhi Li/ 李文治
2022-2023 Principal

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