Log 08/12/15

0) added new page for class email groups and added in school menu (two days ago)
added classroom number in the table too
Note: It is a static page with dynamic content via querying from MySQL table real-time. If you find any contents incorrect in the table, we have to notify registration group to fix in database.

1) added two more pictures in the slide for home page

2) added classroom map pdf page in menu

3) changed database backup to daily (midnight)
The backup files on Mondays to Saturdays will use the same filename like xXx.dump.[1~6]
The backup files on Sundays will use unique date format like xXx.dump.YYYYMMDD

4) added registration user (Editor role) for Steve who will help us maintain the content

5) set up symbol links for directories: soccer, newsleters (besides pdf) to prepare the site migration tonight

6) TODO change old site to old.racl.org and web.racl.org to www.racl.org tonight

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