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Competition Math for Middle School (Grades 6-8) – Teacher: Hong Li 

This class is geared towards those students who would like to participate in the MATHCOUNTS and AMC competitions.  Concepts in the areas of Algebra, Counting, Probability, Number Theory, and Geometry will be explained and practiced with sample problems. Competition techniques/tricks will also be covered. A strong foundation in pre-algebra is necessary for this class to be effective.

Algebra (Grades 5~7) – Teacher: Hong Li 

This  class will be going through the Algebra concepts and material set by the Common Core Standards of North Carolina, and will attempt to span through essential concepts of all three Common Core Math classes (CCMI, CCMII, and CCMIII), giving a complete preview and further study of the CCM material. This class is welcome for all students who are planning to or are currently taking a CCM course.

The goal of the class is to help students in their studies of basic and advanced Algebra material. The class will be taught to the level of students, and will challenge their understanding with repeated practice and with supplemented material from SAT, AMC, AoPS problems dealing with Algebra.

Math Problem Solving (grades 4~5): – Teacher:  Emily Wen

This course is designed to expose students to the beauty of problem solving, to foster mathematical creativity and genuine interest, and to give students the foundation they need to excel in math contests. In addition, through this course students will learn that math is fascinating, exciting, and most of all fun!

Some of the topics and concepts that will be covered are Number Patterns, Divisibility, Fractions, Experimenting, Logic Reasoning, and Puzzles. Each class, a specific topic and strategy will be taught. Then, students will work on problems to reinforce the concepts. To instill a love for math, each class will include logic puzzles or math games to invoke students’ interests and build critical thinking skills.