2016 RACL 选举结果 / 2016 RACL election results

Dear RACL families / 大家好,

Thanks for your participation in RACL election today! 谢谢大家今天的投票。

We have collected total 55 voting ballots (1 is invalid, and 54 are valid)。Principal, Vice principal, PTA chair and 3 board members are elected.

一共收到 55票,1票无效,有效票 54张。选出了一位校长,一位副校长,一位家长会主席,三位董事。


Principal / 校长               Zhiping Zhang /  张治平             53票

Vice Principal / 副校长   Lin Xu / 许麟                 47票

PTA / 家长会主席           Shaoping Ge / 葛少平        48票

Board Member / 董事    Xin Fang /方馨                44票

Board Member / 董事    Jianping Yang/ 杨建平      49票

Board Member (from teacher) / 董事  Jing Wang/ 王静  46票


At last, thumb up to all the candidates! They are the ones who are dedicated to our school and make it a better place for everyone!




2016 RACL election committee

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